Pond technology – overview

A pond offers habitat for a variety of flora and fauna – a complex ecosystem that wants to be maintained. A filter system that is optimally matched to the pond habitat ensures clear water, guaranteed. Basically a filter system consists of a filter pump, for feeding the filter, a pond filter for biological/mechanical cleaning of […]


Swim Ponds

Profit from the current wellness trend and make your dreams come true. With the swim pond concepts from OASE. A private swimming pond in the garden – pure wellness and the dream of many garden owners. A dream that can come true thanks to the swim pond concepts from OASE. All of our experience with […]


Find the hidden pond technology

The best technology is the technology that works effectively without you noticing. All OASE pond technology is designed and built to provide the maximum effectiveness and endurance. As for design, use our products around the pond for maximum impact. You wouldn‘t even notice some of our products are there. Look at our internet pages to […]


Fountain & Lake – Overview

Controllable Nozzles Water has thousand faces. Sometimes it shoots up high, then splashes and bubbles exuberantly, or it is totally still and gentle. And it does all of this with nozzles from OASE. Every location has its very special unique atmosphere. A public square, in the heart of the city looks different in Paris than […]