Find the hidden pond technology


The best technology is the technology that works effectively without you noticing.

All OASE pond technology is designed and built to provide the maximum effectiveness and endurance. As for design, use our products around the pond for maximum impact. You wouldn‘t even notice some of our products are there. Look at our internet pages to see how our pond technology is almost invisible. Discover for yourself where individual elements can be hidden or buried. We don’t just visualise for you the extent of our pond technology programmes. We want to encourage you to see how to integrate effectively into your own pond. Be inspired!
The movement of water through watercourses and waterfalls supplies the pond with necessary oxygen. The topsoil you removed for the garden pond can be used to create a watercourse or waterfall. Slopes for a watercourse should not be steeper than 40 %.


Easy pond construuction , we will to see about the fact Step-by-step of products from OASE.
1. Location
The right location for the garden pond should be half shaded; 4 – 6 hours of sunlight per day are ideal.


2. Pond contours
First, mark out the pond contour with sand. The different deep zones are also marked with sand incrementally


3. Deep zones & pond edge
Mould the different deep zones with sand. After that you can install the OASE pond edge system.


4. Determine the dimensions of liner and fleece
Then use a cord to measure the necessary length of the fleece and the pond liner.


5. Fleece
After excavation, first clad the hole with fleece, to protect against root and rock penetration.


6. Liner and stone liner
Then carefully lay out the liner. Stone liner is particularly well suited fora natural-look edge area.


7. Planting on level areas
Lay out coconut mats for planting level areas. They provide an optimal opportunity for plants to take root.


8. Planting on steep areas
Steeper sections are planted using marginal plant holders. Use large rocks to first weigh the plant holders down so that you can insert the plants.


9. Gravel and water

After the gravel, at last it is time to put water in the pond: first fill it half full, and then after the liner has completely settled, fill the pond completely


10. Edge area décor

The final step is to fill the edge area with rocks (pebbles or gravel, etc.) and to shape it as you desire.


Find the hidden pond technology

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