Fountain & Lake – Overview


Controllable Nozzles

Water has thousand faces. Sometimes it shoots up high, then splashes and bubbles exuberantly, or it is totally still and gentle. And it does all of this with nozzles from OASE.

JumpingJet Rainbow Star /DMX/01

Every location has its very special unique atmosphere. A public square, in the heart of the city looks different in Paris than it does in Dubai. An artistically designed park can give a sense of tranquil strength or contemp- lative well-being. Spray fountains and fountains from OASE enable you to experience and engage with the particularities of a location and to use water to the best advantage of that location.

We distinguish classic nozzles from controllable nozz- les. Controllable nozzles are nozzles which can be elec- tronically controlled to provide a range of effects. For example the Multidirectional Drive II 3D is DMX/RDM controlled. The rotation and swivelling could be indivi- dial controlled in direction and speed.

Classic Nozzles

The classic nozzles can be used for modern installations as well as in traditional pool design. Combined with a controllable pump, these effects also become interactive.


Spray fountain nozzles and fountain attachments in any shape and size are suitable for a variety of design possibilities: Whether stately fountains, playful water flowers, baroque pirouettes or powerful water arches – discover our variety of classic nozzles.

Our standard offering with many designs even satis- fies complicated requirements. On request, we also manufacture the appropriate individual solution after consultation with you.

Floating Fountains

Fountains are not only an attractive highlight for any body of water, they are also healthy for the biological balance

Floating fountains conjure up impressive water effects wherever standing aggregates are difficult to install: If there are fluctuating water levels, excessive water depths, or on muddy pond floors. Thanks to easy installation they can also be imple- mented on short notice, or the water pattern can be changed as desired.

PondJet Eco – Nozzles

The floating fountains stay on the surface without tipping, thanks to robust float elements. The foamed float element ensures ideal buoyancy of the floating fountains. Only the nozzle and the surface of the float element are visible; the technology remains concealed underwater.

Various easily interchangeable fountain nozzles are available for custom design of the water pattern of the floating fountains. LED illumination sets give the fountains a fascinating appearance in the evening hours.

OASE floating fountains make an additional contri- bution by enriching the oxygen in the body of water; a contri-bution toward the reduction of algae.

Pumps bring water into action

Controllable Pumps | Classic Pumps

Pumps ensure that we can take pleasure in the never-ending play of water; they enable fountains, water features, watercourses, and water falls to come alive.

Fountain pumps

OASE offers the suitable pump for any requirement; the innovative controllable Varionaut-pumps or the classic pump. The new generation of Varionaut- pumps are DMX/RDM controlled and can send in- formation back to the control panel, e.g. running time and electronic temperature.These status requests require remote diagnosis and remote maintenance.

This individually regulated pumps create dyna- mic water effects. The combination of Varionaut pumps with Jumping Jets or Varionaut pumps with VarioJets interfere different effects to total new charmer effects.


LED – Illumination | Halogen – Illumination

The play of light and shadow has exercised a very special attraction since time immemorial. At night, when the surroundings fade into the darkness, water installations and fountains unfold their unique beauty and come into their own even more intensively in the dark environment.

Illumination set PondJet

With the innovative, controllable LED lighting and the classic halogen lighting, OASE offers the right light for every situation. The new generation of LED RGB lights are controlled via DMX/RDM and transmits information back to the control cabinet, e.g. runtime and temperature of the electronics.

These status queries enable remote diagnostics and remote maintenance. This is the service concept of the future.

Water Quality

The same principle applies for large bodies of water: True beauty comes from within and must be cultivated!

Many factors determine the quality of a body of water. Fish and waterfowl introduce nutrients, and falling leaves in autumn, as well as blossoms in spring increase the availability of nutrients. The results are algae growth and formation of sludge that silts up the body of water. OASE water quality products offer a wide range of options; the regenerative powers of the body of water are reinforced and accumulating nutrients are broken down biologically. Such artificial lakes and ponds enjoy sustainable clarity and create a habitat where not only plants and fish thrive – due to innovative OASE products!

Bitron Eco

Fountain & Lake – Overview

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